Equine Rehab

Some days everything is going great! Perfect ride. Perfect lines. Best times. Other days …..tragedy and your horse is injured and needs time off.

MarBill Hill Farm is happy to offer convalescent board for horses on a rehab program.

Once your vet has determined that your horse is no longer in the acute injury phase and can be put on stall rest, MarBill Hill Farm can help out. We have several options for horses that are not allowed to roam and run; large stalls with windows that horses can get their heads out of. Small outdoor 15×15 paddocks that can be slowly expanded as the horse recovers and needs more space. Larger paddocks with sloping inclines to increase/develop leg and back strength once your horse can be fully turned out.

We are happy to support your horses rehab with any adjunct and vet therapies that are recommended by your vets. MarBill Hill staff will work with your chosen practitioners to see that your horse gets the best care for the best recovery.

Space for our Equine Rehab is limited.