Wembley [Foolproof MBH]

One afternoon in May 2014, Turtle had a baby. A little bay colt that came to be known as Wembley [Foolproof MBH]. Little Wembley had a rough start, having to go to the Ontario Veterinary College before he was even a whole day old and then having his mother colic & nearly die before he was 2 months old!

Wembley however, saw it all as an opportunity to become king & clown of Marbill Hill Farm. He and his trusty side kick Bandit [BandaGold MLF], get into all the fun & games that 2 young colts should. Destined for the show ring, both boys are growing & developing right on schedule.

First MarBill Hill Farm home bred. Developing into fine high hunter and derby horse, Wembley has competed in the young hunter classes at WEF and in Ontario where he is constantly in the ribbons. Look for him to compete in his first derbies and attend his first Royal in 2019.

And …….Wembley thinks he is a person.

Nickname: Wembley
Show Name: Foolproof MBH
Mare: Turtle [Fourth Dimension] of MarBill Hill Farm
Sire: Farscape DFS of Dreamscape Farm
Breeder: MarBill Hill Farm
Breed: Oldenburg
Born: 10th of May 2014
Achivements: 4th&8th (40) Royal Winter Fair Cup Qualifier #1