And so we begin ……

Baby Cocoa
Baby Cocoa

Looks like I can keep everyone updated on how life on our little hill is going. All the ponies are getting fat, furry and a little muddy as the beautiful summer turns to fall.

All the digging has left the place looking a little like a construction site [which it sort of is] but our landscapers and electricians assure us that when the sod goes in, in a couple of weeks, it will all look great. If you want to see all the upgrades, go check out the Farm Renos photo album.

It’s starting to be time to get everything ready for winter. Had Dr. Jim from McKee-Pownal in to do teeth floating and getting our shots up to date and we discovered something…… our mini Cocoa, that we had though was 2 years old when we purchased her 18 months ago, is in fact will be turning 2 ….. next year! Dr. Jim discovered that she is losing her baby teeth. That means that she was just a weanling when she arrived in May last year. That probably explains why she was rather hard to handle!

Big weekend coming up at MarBill Hill …… the one where we whine and cry until our favourite people agree to come and help do some of those tasks [like harrow the driveway and pull manes] that have been put off because of show season and those pesky renos. Looking forward to all the happy faces and the weekend finishing bonfire.


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