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MarBill Hill Farm is a premiere experience for your retired show horse located just north of Schomberg on 100 beautiful rolling acres of picturesque Ontario farmland. With individualized and tailored services that include individual feed & medication programs, blanketing, farrier and vet services as well as large grass paddocks and turnout, your horse will be treated with all the care and respect a Champion deserves. ___________________________________________________________________________________ MarBill Hill Farm is situated just above the Holland Marsh on a hundred acres of rolling Ontario farmland. Our property also includes 4 large 3-4 acre paddocks and 2 smaller 1-2 acre paddocks for the occasional singleton and for introductions. Each paddock has a 10′ x 20′ run in shed and oak rail fencing. We are a facility for retirees, we have no trail system, sand ring or arena. Our cozy Century Bank Barn has 7 stalls of various sizes [10' x 10' to 12' x 12'] with full doors and stall mats, a grooming stall and outdoor wash rack. Future plans include a new 8 stall barn with 12′ x 12′ stalls, soft stall floors and indoor wash rack/grooming stall. We are also a working organic hay farm with a small herd of grass-fed organic cattle living in our front paddock. As we continue to grow and develop we will be turning our cow pasture into 2 new 4 acre outdoor board paddocks with a large 4 horse run-in shed
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2017 ...... season done. In the can. On to the future..... Wellington here we come!

Time to thank everyone...... Acknowledge the hard work of the riders, grooms & trainers.... our training team at Forest Hill Farm have been outstanding & Julie Watt/McDonell & Sam Walker are dream riders. They know just how much MarBill Hill appreciates them all.

We had our best season ..... ever. Hands down. The home bred debuted and kicked ass (an inconvenient growth spurt kept him from the Royal). The show horses ..... beyond outstanding. If they could win it they pretty much did.

But I’d like to go in a bit of a different direction.

Many of you know that Heavenly, aka Noah, won not only his division at the Royal but was also named Grand Amateur Hunter .... a big deal. Not just because there were many very worthy & outstanding hunters at the 2017 RAWF, but because it was Noah.

We like to call him the ‘magic unicorn’ or our ‘special boy’..... because he is.

When a new horse arrives at a trainer’s, they take a look and get to work. If it’s a young horse, you look to see what you might end up with. Good, keep it. Hard work & not sure, maybe move it along. Noah came with all the bells & whistles.... potential up the wazoo. And a big package of crazy quirks!

He was outstanding in the ring but thought that monsters lurked in the warm up ring. He truly felt that WEF was out to get him but thought the Royal was his personal ring. You never really knew if you were getting on ‘I am the Champion’ Noah or ‘that water truck is out to get me!’ Noah.

So how did ‘the magic prince’ end up 2017 Grand Amateur Hunter? Many things but one in particular.... he has been trained & cared for by Dee Salter Walker since 2008. She took the quirky but talented gelding and, with the patience & persistence of a saint, found the champion within. She never gave up on him. Many would have, it would have been easier.

And more than anything else, that is what I want to acknowledge.....

Thank you Dee, without your patience and guidance, Noah would never have gotten the chance to become the big fat, 17 year old large pony he believes he is nor the Champion he has become. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

And I apologize if you all see this a couple of times, I’m cross posting it on my personal FB feed.
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Very interesting ideas. Timely, as we look at evaluating & changing our sport(s) for continued growth & development.
Interesting. What do you think?
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