Health Services

Vet Supervision

At MarBill Hill, a staff person will be present at all vet visits to help assist and to make sure all changes are well understood and implemented. No need for owners to attend, unless they would like to.

We currently employ the expert services of McKee-Pownall Equine Services for all our veterinary needs.

Farrier Services

Our farrier visits on a 5/6/7 week cycle depending on the needs of our residents. Trim cost are included in the board fee. Horses with front shoes will be charged the difference between a trim and a reset/replace. [ MarBill Hill Farm does not accept horses that require hind shoes as it is potentially dangerous for paddock mates ]


Older horses used to the heavy workload of the show ring need an environment that encourages their continued fitness while supporting their graceful aging. Youngsters need space and varied terrain to develop the muscles and coordination needed to be Sport Horses. Our rehab horses need a variety of changing stalls and paddocks to meet the needs of their injury support.

MarBill Hill Farm has been designed to have a variety of paddock and terrain options from steep-hilled to small and flat. We limit the number of horses to small 2 to 4 horse groupings or individual if necessary. Groups are matched based on health, temperament and energy level. New horses are introduced slowly and monitored during the introduction phase. Rehab horses have paddocks designed and sized for their rehab program and are slowly reintroduced to larger spaces under vet supervision and recommendation.

Therapy or Adjunct Services

Any adjunct service or therapy can be arranged through our staff if it is available in our area.

Owners need only let us know what they are looking for. Additional Fees may apply.